Buy Smart and Play More – Games of February 2020

The middle of February is here and I’m back to talk about my purchased game of February 2020 and the trove of games that I traded in for credit. Interestingly, I did not purchase anything with my store credit yet. I’m saving it for a rainy day I suppose or just everything Marvel Champions related.

February 2020 Purchase – Clank Legacy! Acquisitions Incorporated

I am not a fan of deck builders but CLANK! is the outlier; an exception to the rule. The split emphasis of deck building and card play to move around the board are fun little puzzles and choices. I was recommended this game to me by a longtime friend of mine who played through the campaign at 2 players and said it was amazing. So far, this has been the case! We are about to play Game 4 and we’ve been enjoying ourselves quite a bit! The Acquisitions Incorporated IP has been easy and accessible enough so that players who have no idea what Clank! or the theme of AI is all about can hop straight into the absurdity of white collared life in a comedy DnD/Clank setting.

I do have a couple of nitpicks such as the clerical time to read/sticker and prep the game which takes nearly as long as the game itself to play (perhaps this was on purpose given the game’s thematic subject/legacy games in general?) and the board and minis being a table hog. So, it seems like while I like to complain, do not let those minor things detract you from picking up a copy if you are looking for your first or second legacy board game to play through!

Trade In – Masmorra : Dungeons of Arcadia

This has been one of my oldest games in my collection. The dungeon crawling, dice action Arcadia game was solid mechanically with great production value but the competitive nature of the game at 2 player felt a bit flat and the cooperative aspect left us wanting more vs. ratcheting up the difficult level on this retail version of the game. Probably best played at 3 to 4 players regularly but I have other dungeon crawl games to try out.

Trade In – Paris: New Eden

Fantastic artwork and an interesting dice drafting/city building mechanic is unfortunately marred due to some graphic design concerns with iconography and rule book learning issues that led to some major problems in learning to play the game. I was going to keep this around for awhile but during the cull time, I couldn’t see myself getting it to the table anytime soon. In all – good scale for players counts but do your research in how to play and be careful with the rulebook!

Trade In – Doom (2016)

I love Doom – both the 2004 and 2016 adaptations. I got this game and it sat on my shelf for years begging to be played. I had played another friend’s copy years ago and enjoyed myself. Miniatures for FFG were a huge step up from Imperial Assault and the dice chucking combat/flow of the game was fine but I after it was all said and done, I’d rather play the video game than the board game.

Trade In – Newton

A solid Euro/point salad game that I kept because I liked it the most out of the Lorenzo/Coimbra games I played in the past but it sat on my shelf mostly to reflect on that exact thought vs. getting it on the table to play. There is an expansion for this that just recently came out but I don’t think it would sway me wanting to keep it in my collection further.

Trade In – The Binding of Isaac Four Souls

The Binding of Isaac video game was my obsession a few years ago. A Kickstarter for this card game made a couple million dollars and I bought into it after release. A fun card game that I think only finds its niche with BOI fans. I wanted to keep this for my love of the IP but getting it out there for fun would have taken awhile – if at all.

Other trade ins I had to sadly let go:

Carson City
Neon Gods
Scoville w/ expansion
Century Spice Road
Arkham Horror Final Hour
Tigris and Euphrates
Valley of the Kings Premium Edition
Resident Evil 2 TBG
Wits and Wagers
The Climbers
Bioshock Infinite TBG
All Manor of Evil
Catch the Moon

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