Buy Smart and Play More – Games of March 2020

Clinic Deluxe Edition by Mercury Games

March 2020 Purchase – Clinic by Mercury Games

I suppose you will all have to believe me that my March game of 2020 was not based on the current situation we currently live in right now but more shallow than that. Clinic – Deluxe by Mercury Games had some copies out on the floor in February 2020 and I was immediately drawn in by the graphic design and illustration work of Ian O’Toole. The premise that you are building your clinic, managing your staff and caring for patients also plays part to what I do for my day time job – to a certain extent. I’ve been working in medical technology for all of my post college career so I’ve been witness to a lot of different aspects of medical workflow on all different accounts. This game does have a high complexity rating but in reviewing the rules and some videos – it does seem somewhat straight forward.

There hasn’t been any trade ins to make mention of for this month but I was able to pick up some stuff using the store credit I have.

The Crew – The Quest for Planet Nine by KOSMOS

Trick taking games are cool. I bought this alone on the amount of hype it has gotten around the review sphere. For $15, I’ll take the chance.

THOR – Marvel Champions Character pack by Fantasy Flight Games

Every month FFG releases a pack like this to stores and I’ve just been into collectors mode again with this game. It is cheap enough that I’ll probably be in for a little while longer.

Also, very early in March – I attended PAX East in Boston, Mass. It was my first time since 2014 going to the floor. It was about the same but I remember people giving out a lot more t-shirts that I used to be able to flip or have them for night time shirts or something. Not any longer. The money spent was accounted for in separate savings but in all – the purchases of the games I got here probably break my own rules. Alas, what is done is done.

A War of Whispers by Starling Games

I saw this game at PAX Unplugged in December and heard good things. I guess copies ran out and they had some (Deluxe) copies in for East which I scooped up.

Rival Rush by Team Meat

One of the programmers behind Super Meat Boy with another fellow made a card game based on the Super Meat Boy universe. Also, no SKU because they were just selling them direct – not in stores. A clear way to pull at the fomo strings.

Final Fantasy XIV: Gold Saucer Cactpot Party by Square Enix

A complete impulse buy on the show floor. I should have known better but the packaging and FFVII nostalgia bit me in the ass on this one.

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