Buy Smart and Play More – Games of April 2020

April 2020 Purchase – Forgotten Waters by Plaid Hat Games

I’ll admit that our time in isolation for the late winter and spring times was a lot more than I expected. Local game stores have been closed down for at least a month and I yearn for the day that I can go back on my weekend afternoon journeys to see board games and just be present among the general chatter of a store.

If there was any buried treasure or happiness to find in these trying times, Forgotten Waters by Plaid Hat Games was able to find this pocket of time to actually hand package and send out pre-orders to customers in the early month of April with a retail release, albeit delayed, coming in the next few months.

The reviews have been astounding and I am so happy for the Plaid Hat team for making a splash with their next Crossroads book adventure. I had the opportunity to play this game a couple of times in the past and being able to see this game evolve to the finish product is always a cool thing to see.

Beyond that, I haven’t had too much else that has come onto the table. There are a few games left of Clank Legacy left (which I have FEELINGS on) and I’ve actually been playing a lot of card games – which I’ve talked about on the Rolling Doubles Podcast recently.

Forgotten Waters will be played sooner than later this Spring into summer and I strongly recommend you look into this pirate-y fantastic game!

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