Buy Smart and Play More – Games of May 2020

May has been a quiet month for releases as expected. The majority of April and most of May have seen stores close across the United States – for good reason. I do miss the ability to do my loop of game stores from Minneapolis and St. Paul but I will patiently wait until we start seeing these restrictions lifted when the data proves as such.

Godspeed by Pandasaurus Games seemed to be the next big box release from the publisher who has done Dinosaur Island, Dead Man’s Cabal and a myriad of smaller box titles like The Mind. The had done well in Kickstarter – netting a bit over 200k but falls in comparison to the Dinosaur Island campaign of over 1m.

Backers were getting their copies and while I did not fully pledge, I followed along to see how the campaign was doing. Game stories nearby will often buy pledges and sell them at their store at the price of the original pledge and I felt compelled by the theme and components to give it a shot.

Having just finished the campaign of Clank Legacy – I’ll be looking at getting games of Godspeed and Forgotten Waters in the books for the month of June.

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